Munts Technologies Debian 12 (Bookworm) Package Repository

PublicKey.txt  1668Aug 3 11:38:44 2023
all/  2048Jun 17 14:52:37 2024
amd64/  2560Jun 17 14:53:11 2024
arm64/  1536Jun 17 14:53:39 2024

Here are some precompiled packages for Debian 12 (Bookworm) Linux on 64-Bit Intel x86 (aka x86-64 aka amd64) and 64-Bit ARM (aka aarch64 aka arm64) hardware platforms.

Register this Debian package repository by installing munts-repo.deb for your machine's architecture with the following commands:

sudo dpkg -i munts-repo.deb

where <ARCH> is one of amd64 or arm64. After this you can install the packages with commands like apt-get install munts-simpleio.

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