MuntsOS Toolchain Snapshots

README.txt  779Feb 10 16:37:09 2021
toolchains-muntsos-AArch64-crosstool-2021.207.1-amd64.tgz  299135668Jul 26 08:43:20 2021
toolchains-muntsos-BeagleBone-crosstool-2021.207.1-amd64.tgz  291511999Jul 26 08:32:14 2021
toolchains-muntsos-RaspberryPi1-crosstool-2021.207.1-amd64.tgz  292379896Jul 26 08:35:51 2021
toolchains-muntsos-RaspberryPi2-crosstool-2021.207.1-amd64.tgz  291416935Jul 26 08:39:30 2021

Here are snapshot tarballs of the latest statically linked cross-toolchains for MuntsOS, as installed on 64-bit Debian Buster. They are provided here for the convenience of users of other Linux distributions.

After downloading, install with the following command:

sudo tar xzf <filename> --directory=/usr/local

Questions or comments to Philip Munts

I am available for custom system development (hardware and software) of products based on embedded Linux microcomputers or other processors.